The Croatian police was accused of dousing migrants ketchup and mayonnaise

The interior Ministry of Croatia has denied accusations by Amnesty International that its staff were beaten and "ingenious" mocked the migrants Muslims from the Middle East and North Africa.

Ministry of interior of the Republic of Croatia stated that denying approval, "which is already established practice ungrounded accusations" the abuse of migrants.

"This time the police allegedly in the area of Plitvice lakes in late may tied illegal Pakistani and Afghan migrants to trees, threatened them with a knife, shooting in the air and in the ground, beaten with rifle butts and then smeared with mayonnaise and ketchup and sprinkled with sugar on the head," said the Agency.

"Reject the very idea that the Croatian police to do something like this or have an explanation for this. Recall that the police accused that they painted crosses on the minds of migrants. The cross had a symbolic meaning in the month of Ramadan, but the symbolism of the ketchup, mayonnaise and sugar are unknown to us", - said the interior Ministry of Croatia.

The Ministry clarified that if, according to a report by Amnesty International, migrants tortured people in black uniforms, we are talking about employees of the police special forces, "which have the merits according to numerous rescues of migrants".

Croatian police said that the campaign to charges of its employees in the bullying is an attempt "to divert attention from clashes between migrants in neighbouring Bosnia and Herzegovina", which, according to her, has already led to the deaths of several people in late may.