Russia follows the trial of the "Scythian gold", said the Ambassador

Russia closely followed the consideration in the district court of Amsterdam in the case of the Crimean collection "Scythian gold" and hopes that the judges will decide on the return of this cultural heritage of the Crimea, said in an interview with RIA Novosti Russian Ambassador to the Netherlands Alexander Shulgin.

"We are closely following the case (about the Crimean collection "Scythian gold" - ed.). In our opinion, the decision of the District court of Amsterdam in 2016, according to which Dutch Museum handed over the artifacts to Ukraine, and not the real owners, was unreasonable and created a bad precedent for cultural exchanges around the world. The court of appeal of Amsterdam overturned the verdict in 2019, but the trial continues," the Ambassador said in response to the question of how Russia evaluates the trial of the "Scythian gold" by a Dutch court.

He noted that in July 2019, the parties to the dispute has requested additional information and clarification, so now it takes some time to review this information.

"We hope that judges will eventually order you to return this cultural heritage to where it was kept," - said Shulgin.

A collection of four Crimean museums, about 2 thousand artifacts were taken to the exhibition in the Allard Pierson Museum in Amsterdam in early February 2014, before the Crimea reunited with Russia. In August 2014, the Museum in the Netherlands decided not to send the exhibits neither Ukraine nor the Crimea to the decision of the competent judge or agreement between the parties. In this part of the collection of the Kiev Museum of historical treasures, it was decided to return.

The district court of Amsterdam, 14 December 2016, decided that the collection should be transferred to Kiev, the Crimean party appealed and changed lawyers. In July 2019, there was an intermediate court decision in the case, in which he found that the UNESCO Convention of 1970, which was previously referred to Ukraine, is not applicable to the present case. The court requested additional information from the parties for a final decision.