The head of the Moscow region told about the weekly growth test COVID-19

Scale testing for the coronavirus residents of the Moscow region is growing every week and up to 20 thousand per day, said the Governor of the region Andrei Vorobyov.

"Testing is growing every week, it comes to 20 thousand patients a day, plus ELISA tests (antibody – ed), plus rapid tests", - said the sparrows in the air "Russia 24".

The Governor also noted that about 1000-1300 beds for patients with COVID-19 in a week are transferred to the planning work, and in June will work as temporary hospitals "Patriot" and "Crocus Expo".

"They are still there, they are such a transit hospitals... While in the month of June we leave them. Then we remove the "Patriot", after the "Patriot" - is "Crocus", - said Vorobyov.

According to him, in recent weeks in the region reduced the number of hospitalizations of patients with suspected COVID-19.

"The last two - two and a half weeks we see every day minus hospitalizations. From the standpoint (that) discharged more than were hospitalized", - concluded the Governor.

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