Corvette "Rumbling" will give the Navy in August

Shipbuilding plant "Severnaya Verf" (part of United shipbuilding Corporation) is planning to transfer the Russian Navy Corvette project 20385 "Thundering" at the end of August 2020, said in an interview with RIA Novosti General Director of the plant Igor Ponomarev.

"Rumbling" is coming to the plant next week. It will be held a little revision, and in early July he will go to the completion of state tests, after which it will return to the factory. And at the end of August we plan to transfer the Navy", he said.

According to him, the ship for 9 months of tests showed good performance.

"Not a single malfunction either in the frigate "Admiral Kasatonov", no Corvette "Rumbling" in the test period was not. The only question greater scrutiny by the Ministry of defence all the technical characteristics of weapons systems, energy and so on. I believe that the plant will fulfill its obligations on these two ships," - said Ponomarev.

The project 20385 Corvette designed by Almaz Central marine design Bureau. Multi-purpose corvettes of this project are designed to detect and destroy submarines and surface ships, providing landing, protection of the coastal zone, an escort of other ships. The ships placed artillery, missile, anti-submarine, sonar and radar systems. Thanks to the original architecture and use of composite materials in combination with special coatings, as well as built-in the frame missile weapons and antenna posts corvettes significantly reduced radar, acoustic and optical visibility.

The project 20385 corvettes have a displacement of more than 2 thousand tons, a length of 104 meters, width 13 meters, and develop a speed up to 27 knots. Cruising range — about 4 thousand nautical miles, the crew of 99 people. In service ships of this project — universal missile complex "Caliber-NK", anti-aircraft missile complex "redoubt", the 100-mm gun mount A-190-01, two 30-mm anti-aircraft AK-630M, anti-submarine complex "Package". The Corvette may be based antisubmarine helicopter Ka-27PL (Ka-27PS).