Aksenov called important for Crimea an amendment to the Constitution

The head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov said that the amendments to the Constitution guaranteeing protection of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country, determine the importance, given the speculation on the subject of the Russian status of the Peninsula.

"Amendments to the Basic law of the Russian Federation shall guarantee the protection of sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country. The actions directed on alienation of the territory of Russia and calls to them are not allowed. The Crimea as a result of the free will forever become a part of Russia, any speculation on this basis meaningless. This clause of the amendment defines the fundamental importance of the indivisibility of the territory of our state", - said in greeting to speak on the occasion of Russia Day.

According to him, Crimeans, for many years was torn from their historical homeland and are pained by this forced gap.

"Today's celebration is treated with special joyful emotion. Each of us feels living link his personal fate and the fate of his native country... together We build a new Russian Crimea and optimistic about the future," - said Aksenov.