Apple has launched a program to combat racial inequality

American Corporation Apple has launched a program that will promote the ideas of racial equality and empowerment for people with skin color other than white, education and the economy, and allocated $ 100 million, said CEO Tim cook.

"Unfinished work to establish racial justice and equality calls us to account. The situation needs to change, and Apple is striving to become the driving force behind these changes. Today I'm proud to announce about the program Apple for racial equality and justice (Racial Equity and Justice Initiative) and the allocation of $ 100 million," wrote cook in his Twitter account.

As reported by the cook in the video, "the program will challenge the system that creates barriers to opportunities and advantages of people with skin color other than white, especially for African Americans, with a particular focus on promoting equality in the sphere of economy, education and criminal justice reform".

Under the initiative, Apple is planning to expand with companies that are owned by black people in the supply chain, and to increase the representation of African Americans among business partners. The Corporation also plans to open a camp for black entrepreneurs and developers to promote "best ideas in the family of developers". In addition, the company intends to cooperate with colleges and universities, where historically the contingent of students-African Americans, and to take additional measures to increase the number of members of national minorities within the company.

To lead the program will be Vice-President Lisa Jackson. It is expected that the program will begin in the U.S. and eventually "will be deployed on a global scale."

Apple, founded in 1976, has been producing personal and tablet computers, audioplayers, phones, smartwatches and software.