The head of the TMR congratulated the Transnistrians on the Day of Russia

The head of the unrecognized Transnistrian Moldovan Republic (PMR) Vadim Krasnoselsky in Day of Russia noted that the festival brings together the Transnistrians and Russians, is unbreakable linking of the shared past, present and future, said on Friday the press service of the Transnistrian leader.

Russia day is celebrated on June 12.

"The Transnistrians consider themselves part of the Russian world, part of great Russia. A step we do not depart from the results of the 2006 referendum, which voted for joining Russia. Our government is pursuing a steady course towards further integration with the Russian Federation", - is spoken in the congratulation of the head of Transnistria.

Krasnosel expressed the belief that the potential for further productive cooperation between the PMR and the Russian Federation it is necessary to develop taking into account the interests of each party.

Transnistria, 60% of inhabitants are Russians and Ukrainians sought to secede from Moldova even before the collapse of the USSR, fearing that on the wave of nationalism Moldova will join Romania. In 1992, after a failed attempt of the authorities of Moldova force to solve the problem, Transnistria has become virtually beyond the control of Chisinau's territory.