Biden demanded from Facebook to speak out against trump

The headquarters of the democratic candidate for the presidency, Joe Biden has circulated a petition addressed to the social network Facebook, to take action against Donald trump, but received in return only an assurance that the social network will protect freedom of speech.

"I urge you to establish clear rules on everyone, including Donald trump, and prohibiting threatening behavior and the spread of misinformation," reads the petition, which is the headquarters of Biden offers to sign to his supporters.

The social network said in response that the U.S. rules establish democratically elected representatives of the state. Facebook reminds that the trump network also have claims.

"Two weeks ago, the US President issued an Executive order requiring Federal agencies to prevent the social network sites to participate in factchecking political statements. This week candidate of the Democrats for the presidency organized a petition calling on us to do the opposite," - said in a statement Facebook.

"Set the rules chosen representatives of the people, and we are going to enforce those rules. In November, the elections are coming and we will continue to protect political speech, even if you strongly disagree with them," he said in Facebook.