Russia day will be celebrated with a festive concert and a Patriotic flash mobs

Day of Russia on June 12 will be celebrated all over the country: in the capital the concert will take place in the regions will be organized online flash mobs and Patriotic action.

Russia day is celebrated on June 12. On this day in 1990 adopted the Declaration on state sovereignty of Russia. Henceforth, in all matters of state and public life of the Federation enjoyed full authority. In may 1991, the RSFSR Supreme Soviet has declared June 12 a public holiday. A year later, in June 1992 - this day was named a holiday.

By the decree of the President of Russia of June 2, 1994, the Day of adoption of Declaration on state sovereignty of the Russian Federation was declared a public holiday. The name "Russia Day" was officially assigned to the festival in 2002 when entered into force the new Labour code, which had been prescribed new holidays and weekends.

In Russia Day, Russian President Vladimir Putin will take part in a number of festive events: the awarding of the Heroes of Labor and the ceremony of raising the flag on Poklonnaya hill.

Evening on red square will be held a festive concert "We are together!" The audience at the concert will be volunteers assisting during a pandemic coronavirus. They all have passed the tests for COVID-19, and artists will be tested during preparation for a concert. The concert will be followed a distance - it will be even more than 1.5 meters.

To celebrate extensively intend the political parties and social movements - while maintaining the necessary sanitary measures in connection with the pandemic coronavirus.

"We will celebrate the Day of Russia and will hold a solemn meeting on this occasion in the auditorium of the Institute of world civilizations. We continue to observe security measures in a pandemic, so will gather only the deputies, everyone will be at a safe distance from each other, in masks and gloves. I will deliver a speech, then everyone will be able to also speak out, we will invite the media, will hold a live broadcast in social networks," - said the leader of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky.

"United Russia" on this day across the country will hold a series of festive events, in particular, party activists will be handing out ribbons of the tricolor to all citizens, where the epidemiological situation allows. The party will organize two major actions - "Russian Flag in every home" and #Ecnarusni. Participants will be placed on the facades and in the Windows of houses not only the Russian tricolor, but and thematic drawings.

A number of festive promotions is preparing for the Day of Russia the Russian popular front. Thus, in the regions of Russia held large-scale action for the preparation of the Russian pie "character day" at the Sayano-Shushenskoe HPP appears the world's largest graffiti with the name of the country. Graffiti in honor of Russia will also appear abroad in Barcelona, London and the U.S. state of Texas. And in more than 40 regions of Russia held a symbolic flag-raising Russia, including on Kizhi island, Cape Laspi, Sevastopol, on the Curonian spit in Kaliningrad.

In addition, everyone will be able to participate in online music flash mob of the "Youth front". To do this, it will be necessary to remove a video from the song "so in Russia birch noise" and post to social networks with relevant hashtags. As noted in the motion, this song is chosen because Russian landscape with birch is one of the main associations that arise when thinking about Russia.

Russian students will also have the opportunity to participate in the flash mob "let's talk about Home", which is organized by the Russian Union of youth. To do this they will need to shoot and share photos and videos about their favorite attractions in their region.

To prepare for the celebration of the Union of journalists of Russia. The day before, June 11, the organization held a flash mob, in which correspondents from regional media photographed against the backdrop of the Russian tricolor. Participation in the campaign, as reported on the official website of the Russian Union of journalists, was taken by members of regional offices of the Kabardino-Balkar Republic, the Kuban region, Yekaterinburg, Samara, Voronezh, Jewish Autonomous region, Volgograd and other regions of Russia.