In Russia appreciated the plan of the U.S. Congress on new sanctions

Politicians and experts commented on the proposal of the American congressional Republicans to impose new sanctions against Russia.

They consider the attempts to accuse Moscow of aiding terrorism are laughable, and their purpose is to divert attention from the unrest in the United States.

The key statement in the material RIA Novosti.

According to the Senator, Alexei Pushkov, the adoption of such a project would mean "total economic war against Russia."

As he tweeted, the restrictions that Washington is trying to apply against Moscow, it is "an act of war".

In turn, the colleague of the Senator Olga Cowicide called the report of the congressional provocation and sabotage.

She said "Izvestia" that the Americans have no equal in the ability to turn everything "upside the head". However, before presidential election politics "surpassed themselves" in the pursuit of power, said Cowicide.

The expert added that it is a difficult time, when relations between the U.S. and China are observed simultaneously competition and cooperation, and President Donald trump invites Moscow to G7. The working party from the Republicans is on a private road, offering during a pandemic coronavirus to tighten restrictions on "U.S. business with Russia, Iran and China."

According to Cowicide, the report of the congressional out of date "in time and space."

Commenting on the proposals of Congress, member of state Duma Committee on international Affairs Elena Panina said that the idea to include Russia in the list of "state sponsors of terrorism" are ridiculous.

Such a formulation it would be appropriate to apply to the very United States who support the rebels in Syria and recently tried to disembark subversive groups in Venezuela, she told RIA Novosti.

According to the Deputy, the appearance of such a report during a difficult political situation in the US was a way to shift attention from race riots to the usual "the enemy" in the face of Russia.

"This is an attempt to make the Republican party of the United States and the President of the United States Donald trump hostage to confrontational rhetoric", — said Panin.

As stated on radio Sputnik analyst Leonid Krutakov, Washington is trying to prevent the collapse of the old global peace and the redistribution of centers of power, and to force other countries to play by the rules.

At the same time, Moscow and Beijing seek to build relations, based on international agreements that do not meet the desires of Washington, said the expert.

From the point of view Krutikova, initiatives of Republicans indicate the beginning of the open phase of sanctions and trade wars.

Yesterday in the house of representatives Republicans issued a report in which it is proposed to make in the list of "state sponsors of terrorism" for supporting the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps in Iran, and movements of Hezbollah, the Taliban and the "Russian Imperial movement", which is made in the United States list of terrorist groups. At the same time Moscow has repeatedly denied such accusations, and Washington does not lead any evidence in favor of their arguments.

Among the proposed congressional measures imposing secondary sanctions on companies that support the Russian projects in the oil and gas industry, limiting the purchase of new sovereign debt to Russia, measures to exclude the country from the interbank system SWIFT.

The Republicans also propose to adopt the bill of Senator Lindsey Graham "on the protection of U.S. security from the Kremlin" (DASKAA), to make the Bank's list of sanctions of the US Treasury and a number of other restrictions.