The UN concerned about U.S. decision on sanctions because of the ICC's investigations

UN concerned about Washington's decision to impose sanctions against persons associated with the investigations of the International criminal court against the military and other servants of the USA, said at a briefing the official representative of the UN Secretary General Stefan Dyuzharrik.

Earlier, the White house announced that trump signed a decree on sanctions against individuals associated with the investigations of the ICC in relation to military and other officials in the United States, accusing this international structure in biased investigations and corruption, and suspecting the influence of Russia.

"We note with concern the news about the decree, which allows to impose sanctions against certain persons to the ICC. We also know from previous statements by Secretary of state Mike Pompeo that any restrictions imposed against persons will be implemented steadily in accordance with the host country's obligations under the agreement on the headquarters of the UN," - said Dyuzharrik.

According to him, the UN monitor the developments on this issue. "Certainly, our position on the need to fight impunity and injustice remains intact", - said Dujarric, answering the question, condemn in the UN such a move from the United States, as it does not help in the search for justice.

According to him, the NGO will monitor how the U.S. decision will be implemented.

According to the decree, trump declared national emergency and said blocking under the jurisdiction of the U.S. assets of persons identified as involved in the judicial processes of the ICC in respect of employees of the United States.

The document States that it is on both individuals and legal entities, and under American officers should understand not only current and former military and elected or appointed officials and all other people who have worked or are working "on behalf of the government of the United States."

In relation to fall under the definition of document entities, a ban on providing them with funding. In addition, they and their families will be denied entry into the United States.

The ICC Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda in 2017 asked the judges to issue a permit for the investigation of alleged war crimes committed by the US military, the CIA and the Afghan security forces, and crimes against humanity committed by the radical Taliban. The ICC supported the request, giving permission.

This provoked immediate criticism from the United States. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo called the court "is not a credible political institution masquerading as a legal person".

The United States in 2019, imposed visa restrictions against individuals associated with the investigations of the International criminal court in the crimes of the us military. A former adviser White house national security John Bolton criticized the investigation of the ICC, stating that this court "already dead" for the United States.