In Saratov have brought the case to the "authority" Beso Rustavi

Police in Saratov region opened a criminal case on the occupation of the highest position in the criminal hierarchy against crime boss Beso Rustavi, his appeal, and the court rejected, said Thursday the Prosecutor of the region.

According to the Agency, the investigative part of the regional Central Directorate of interior Ministry opened a criminal case against Beso Rustavi, who was charged under the criminal code of the Russian Federation "holding the higher position in criminal hierarchy." However, the accused and his defence appealed the decision on excitation of criminal case in court. The "authority" in the hearing, he said that such at present is not.

"The decision of October district court of Saratov the complaint accused and the defence disagreed with the decision about excitation of criminal case according to article 210.1 of the criminal code is left without satisfaction", - is spoken in the message.

Clarifies that in court, representatives of the investigation and the regional Prosecutor's office presented sufficient evidence to allow the court to make a conclusion about the legality of the initiation of proceedings in respect of criminal "authority".