In Italy, tourists are kindly requested to fill in the documents about the state of health

In Italy, tourists are asked in advance of the visit, to fill out paperwork on health status and to provide data on place of residence on vacation, according to Travel and Leisure.

From June 2020 visitors from EU countries can freely enter the country without providing the certificate and not passing testing COVID-19.

But a few regions of Italy where a lot of tourism, Sardinia, Apulia and Basilicata - have imposed their own rules pre-registration for travellers. They are the least affected by the pandemic and fear of a second wave of coronavirus infection.

Tourists traveling to Sardinia, proposes to enter the country to send a copy of your passport and complete the online special form with detailed information about accommodations on the island. For two days, guests should confirm that they have no symptoms of coronavirus, and to sign an agreement to follow the rules of prevention in the region – to wear masks and take the test at the request of the authorities.

In Apulia the guests must also fill in the online form "self-report on the coronavirus" and send it to the local health authorities of the province, where they will reside. Visitors are urged to keep records of all with whom they come in contact, within 30 days after arrival to the region.

The Basilicata foreign travelers visit less frequently, but it will require filling these forms before your arrival, and even local residents returning to the province from the trip.