The IMF forecasts growth of external debt of Ukraine to 93% of GDP

Ukraine's foreign debt (public and private) due to pandemic COVID-19 will increase in 2020 to 93% of GDP, while in 2019 it amounted to 78.8% of GDP, according to the Memorandum of the Ukrainian authorities and the International monetary Fund (IMF).

"It is expected that the shock of COVID-19 will increase this ratio (debt to GDP) by about 15 percentage points, to 93%," - said in the document on allocation of the country $ 5 billion in support of the economy in terms COVID-19.

The Fund adds that part of the growth of debt will be associated with the fall of the hryvnia, while a significant part of Ukrainian debt is denominated in dollars.

In this case, "in the future, it is expected that by 2025 the debt will decrease to 61% of GDP."