SK filed a second case of the overdue distribution of the ventilator in Kostroma

Investigators in Kostroma opened a second criminal case on the marketing of the ventilator, whose shelf life expired 15 years ago, according to SU RF IC in the region.

The first case of distribution of substandard medical products on a large scale in Kostroma was opened in late may. According to investigators, on 31 March 2020 Kostroma the company signed with the firm from Vladimir the contract of sale of 50 machines anesthetic "PHASE-5НР" 1999 and 2000 model years for a total amount of 6 million rubles. Manufacturer Ural instrument-making plant. Given that the shelf life of such devices in the package is not more than five years, to use this technique anymore.

On Thursday, the UK reports about a new episode in this story.

"According to investigators, on 8 April 2020 LLC "Kostroma-Medical" concluded with a commercial organization, registered in the Moscow region, the agreement of sale devices anesthesia and respiratory "PHASE-5НР" 1998-1999 edition. Pursuant to the agreement on the same day the devices in number of 290 pieces in the amount of 20.3 million rubles were shipped to the buyer from a warehouse in the city of Kostroma", - stated in the message. Criminal case emphasizes the result.

At the moment both criminal cases are connected in one manufacture.

Earlier it was reported that a similar criminal case was opened in the Vladimir region. The investigation was informed that the purchased devices, the firm gave their hospital №6 of Vladimir as sponsorship. At the stage of acceptance of medical devices revealed that the devices were expired and unfit for use, reported the Department of investigation. The administration of the region said that the ventilator was not approved at the stage of acceptance and in the hospital were not used. The story caused a great resonance in the media.