J. K. Rowling confessed that she had been subjected to domestic violence

Author of books about Harry Potter, explained on its website, why did you allow yourself to speak out about transgender people, and for the first time admitted that he was the victim of domestic sexual violence.

"I have more than 20 years located in the centre of public attention, and has never talked about what I went through. It is not that I feel ashamed that this happened to me, and that it really hurts to think about it", — she wrote.

His decision to share this experience, she explained the sense of solidarity with a huge number of women with similar stories, who are called insane fanatics due to the fact, they are paying too much attention to the ideas of separate spaces for different genders.

"I was barely able to break up with her first husband, the marriage with whom had been raped and my current husband is really good man, I'm in complete security. I never thought that was possible, but the scars of violence and sexual assault will not disappear, regardless of how much you are loved and how much money you have", she said, adding that she asked her daughter's permission to talk about their experiences publicly.

The writer admitted that she feels "animal fear", when reading about TRANS women who die after men commit violence over them.

"I'm sure that most people who identificeret themselves with the other sex, does not pose a threat to others, but they themselves are very vulnerable," she added.