In Sweden said about the inevitability of the second wave of coronavirus

General Director Swedish Agency for health Johan Carlsson believes that to avoid a second wave of coronavirus in the fall does not succeed, he stated during a press conference on Thursday.

"Pandemic is still ongoing, now is the big focus in Latin America, we expect that at some point the virus get to Africa. The risk is still very large, we must be ready for the second wave," said Johan Karlsson told reporters.

March 11, the who declared the outbreak of novel coronavirus infection COVID-19 pandemic. According to the organization, in the world, discovered more than 7 million infections, more than 404 thousand people died. Since mid-may, the number of European countries began to loosen restrictions imposed earlier in connection with the spread of the coronavirus. The Swedish authorities have not introduced strict lockdown, among the reasons it is called the ability to save soft measures for a long time, not to impose a quarantine in the fall, in the case of the second wave of infection.

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