Experts told about the schedule of opening of Turkish hotels

The bulk of the top hotels in the resorts of Turkey is planning to receive visitors in the second half of June or in early July, according to TourDom.ru.

According to the graph the opening of hotels that have been shared with its partners, one of the host companies in Antalya on 15 June will open two popular hotels, a day later on June 20 – just one more. In Belek are already working at least three well-known hotel, planned the start of the season in as many. Also begin to open the hotel in Kemer.

The second "wave" is expected 1-3 July, then we will focus on more massive opening.

At the same time, judging by the schedule, not all hotels in Turkey have scheduled. The biggest gaps in side. This region is located further from the airport of Antalya, which reduces the competitiveness of local hotels.

The bad news, according to the newspaper, Turkish hoteliers was the decision of the German government to update the recommendations for the citizens this summer German tourists urged not to go on holiday outside the EU.