The ban on the activities of the media should be the last resort, said Kosachev

The ban on the activities of the media should be a last resort, exceptional case, protection of the media should be reflected in international law, said the head of the international Committee of the Federation Council Konstantin Kosachev.

He spoke Thursday at an online conference in the framework of the discussion club "Valdai". There, in particular, they talked about the fact that now there are many sources of information, the truthfulness of the messages which you want to check.

"In international law must have a clear understanding that the only way legal way of limiting the freedom of action of any media is proven history that the mass media disseminates false information. An alternative and it is false," said Kosachev.

He believes that the performance of the media should not the national evaluators, as they do in the USA. "It must be an international authority that would enjoy authority and trust," he said.

According to the Senator, this question is difficult, but to go in the direction of create this instance you need.

According to him, should be ban the activities of those media, which are in a particular country an alternative point of view.

"The ban on the activities of the media may be only the most extreme, exceptional case," he said.

According to the Senator, such a free competition of different points of view in various media "sooner or later would take away the reputation and audience of the media outlets that are overly ideological, or driven fake news for the sake of those who commissioned such work."