Plague in the era of the stone age: the sick and how he treated the old man

Cholera, Spanish flu, smallpox, the plague – humanity is not the first time confronted with large-scale epidemic. Many write in the history books, but what if you look a little further? Do you know something about the epidemics of the stone age? As the ancient people cope with the disease? These and other issues, RIA Novosti said the anthropologist, doctor of historical Sciences, academician of RAS, Director of Scientific research Institute and Museum of anthropology Moscow state University. M. V. Lomonosov (MSU) Alexander bojilova.

Today, according to experts, actively conducts research to understand what infections have been infected by people of the stone age. Thanks paleogenetics, new data on the existence of plague in some ancient Eurasian societies in the period of transition from the stone age to the bronze age.

"For several years we conduct a systematic study of poorly documented Museum anthropological collections of the research Institute and Museum of anthropology of Moscow state University using the latest molecular methods: conduct radiocarbon Dating, stable isotope analysis to reconstruct diet