Igor Ponomarev: "Severnaya Verf" can build any unique vessels

Shipyard "Severnaya" yard" during a pandemic coronavirus, suspended work for a few days. The General Director of the plant Igor Ponomarev said in an interview with RIA Novosti about the organization of production in the period of limitations, the timeframe for the handover of the Russian Navy built frigates and corvettes, as well as about the prospects of building new ships. Interviewed By Angelica Bolmat.

The shipyard has suspended production only for a week in late March-early April. We decided how we organize work, to comply with sanitary norms. In particular, I think about how to organize measurements of the temperature at the staff, to disinfect, to buy masks and so on. The plant was a small supply of personal protective equipment, immediately began to buy, where it was possible. You remember, there just was not enough. Organized testing for the coronavirus of our employees. Office staff who could work remotely, someone went for a specific task, and then home again.

By the end of the first decade of April, we began to gradually withdraw into work production. First, on military orders, then civil. A mass exit of employees of the shipyard in that period would be very dangerous, so they needed to organize the necessary sanitary-epidemiological actions, and only after that to take people. We have sustained the measures introduced and is unlikely to get them soon to avoid stopping production due to the epidemic.

It was decided to stop this test period neither of the frigate "Admiral Kasatonov", no Corvette "Rumbling". All commissioning team remained on Board and we continued the tests in coordination with the Navy in compliance with all its requirements. Contractors from other regions receive the work permit after testing for coronavirus.

— For the construction of ships, we are in the schedule. As for support, we have submitted to the Ministry and the USC proposal for compensation of the costs that the shipyard suffered in April because of the pandemic. Still, some employees did not go to work, they were paid the average monthly salary. We created a comfortable environment for workers, reducing salaries, no one was. Since they had to tackle pandemic challenges the profits of the plant, support is still needed. The profit of the plant should be used for development and not for the implementation of measures to combat coronavirus. We also performed government contracts. And we need compensation for the costs that the plant allocated for the purchase of masks, antiseptics, for payment of wages.

— Some of the delays were, but they are absolutely critical. Now we are more concerned with the installation of foreign equipment for fishing vessels. The borders are still closed and we are working with foreign suppliers in the videoconferencing mode. Their equipment is in our warehouses, but now it must be mounted. In accordance with the contract shall mount directly to the manufacturers, and they are objectively unable to come, so consult remotely, go out from this situation.

— Trials of the frigate "Admiral Kasatonov" is almost completed. Plan to transfer to the Navy in early July, before the Main naval parade.

For ten months the ship passed the stages of testing on two fleets – the Northern and the Baltic, working in different weather conditions. Commissioning team together with the crew, support services fleet conducted a thorough review of the frigate. Recently, "Kasatonov" made up of the marine part of the state tests and returned to Northern shipyard. In June he will pass the audit.

Frigate "Admiral Kasatonov" will be included in the Northern fleet as well as its predecessor – head frigate "Admiral Gorshkov".

For the Northern fleet is also built and the second serial frigate "Admiral Golovko", which in may was launched. And the project continues with the frigates "Admiral of the fleet of the Soviet Union Isakov", "Admiral amelko" and "Admiral Chichagov".

— "Roaring" come to the plant next week. It will be held a little revision, and in early July he will go to the completion of state tests, after which it will return to the factory. And at the end of August we plan to transfer to the Navy.

The ships in the first nine months of tests showed very good characteristics. Any malfunction either in the frigate "Admiral Kasatonov", no Corvette "Rumbling" in the test period was not. The only question greater scrutiny by the Ministry of defence all the technical characteristics of weapons systems, energy and so on. I believe that the plant will fulfill its obligations on these two ships.

— No. We agreed with the Navy that the ship was handed over in August. To participate in the parade required a month of preparation of the ship and training the crew, and this month we need to complete tests.

In December we plan to complete testing of the vessel. Finish the build, then start mooring trials, and the factory and state tests. In December of the current – early next year we plan to transfer the ship to the Navy. This ship should the fleet for the carriage of goods, towage, assistance at sea to those in need ships. Also it can perform the loading from unequipped quay walls and in open water, has a diving complex with the chamber to ensure a deep sea diving dive.

— Yes, these advanced frigates. They are now at the stage of signing of contracts with suppliers and forming sections, and will continue to follow the phased construction. All terms of the construction and commissioning of the frigates agreed with the Ministry of defence. Somewhere in two years we need to pull them into the water.

— "Zealous" we are renting in 2021. I think that in this 2020, the year we finish construction. Mooring trials will start somewhere in early next year and keep going back to the factory and state tests.

— Now ends the formation of his body, begin to ship large equipment. Corvette "mercury" — ship of the new generation on the basis of project 20385. The launch is planned in about a year and a half.

The shipyard has orders till 2029, military and civilian. 2017 generated enough big portfolio of orders for civil ships, including 14 trawlers-processors and Yaroslavov. In this direction we work for the future to diversify the portfolio. Now conduct pre-contract work. Currently contracted 10 trawler-processors, of which five are already under construction, and four rosolova. Supply problems are no warehouses in a production cycle is nearly full. The equipment is supplied regularly and on time.

Also, now under construction at the shipyard is five corvettes and five frigates. Getting ready soon to sign contracts for another two frigates.