"It's serious," why NATO forces river near Russia's borders

Thousands of troops, hundreds of tanks, combat aircraft and the "threat" of attack from the East — large-scale exercises Defender of Europe 2020 in full swing. The US should reaffirm its willingness to support allies in Europe. The main objective of the maneuvers — working off of forcing large water barriers. About why the West again "at war" at the Russian border — in the material RIA Novosti.

The largest in 25 years NATO maneuvers planned for the spring, but because of the pandemic coronavirus was moved to June. According to official statements, the strategic aim of the exercise is to demonstrate the US commitment to North Atlantic Alliance and their “unwavering commitment to support European allies.”

It was assumed that the United States will transfer to Europe through Germany about 20 thousand troops to reinforce the already deployed there troops. All in all, the Pentagon has allocated for the exercises is about 37 thousand soldiers and officers. The plan now somewhat adjusted. A major participant in maneuvers was one of the most loyal allies of Washington — Poland.

Here recently began to land transport planes with American soldiers and equipment. Dravskem on the ground "to increase strategic readiness and collaboration through the rapid deployment of US troops in Europe" will be six thousand troops, of which two thousand poles.

"Of course, the epidemic changed our plans, but the important thing is that we rapidly adapted to the circumstances, — said the Minister of national defence of Poland Mariusz Blashak. The Polish army never lost readiness".

Pulled more than a hundred tanks and two hundred armored vehicles, artillery, air defenses, airplanes and helicopters — a total of about two thousand pieces of equipment. Polish and American troops to hold several joint military operations.

The main tactical episode — the crossing of water obstacles involving armored and airborne troops and a counteroffensive. The military expert of the analytical club "Valdai" Artem Kuraev believes that to be fundamental in the teachings Defender of Europe 2020.

"From a military point of view the Czech, Polish and Lithuanian military will once again give a "masterclass" on the use of American military equipment that must be purchased, — says the expert RIA Novosti. — But politically it is a demonstration of the readiness of NATO to dislodge enemy troops from the territory of the Alliance in case of invasion, to cross the Neman and Daugava".

Almost simultaneously on the Baltic sea started large-scale naval exercises Baltops 2020. Involved eighteen countries, three dozen warships, about the same aircraft. Such maneuvers are held here every year for the past 49 years.

"The Baltops very defensive legend — the organization of anti-submarine and air defense, mine operations and the naval blockade, — the expert emphasizes. — These teachings interesting to see, because the logic of the NATO maneuvers in Eastern Europe should work and antilanding operations of the fleet, showing the electorate of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania that the Alliance will not allow the landing of the Russian Marines on the beaches of Saaremaa, Jurmala and Palanga".

In fairness it should be noted that the right to military exercises in the region, all border countries. However, in recent years, the maneuvers of the US and NATO move closer to Russia's borders, and the Western politicians use them as a pretext for worsening relations with Moscow.

"Of course, major international military Alliance must hone the cooperation between the national armed forces, says Kuraev. — But the legend most exercises, of course, is the attack of some Eastern European neighbor, according to a military potential comparable with Russia. Of course, this testimony is not the most constructive relationship between Russia and NATO, that's just a legend designed not so much for military as for ordinary people. Conservative, nationalistic electorate of the Baltic States, Poland and the Czech Republic have to be sure that the allies would protect them from the Russian bear — a potential enemy, at which to write off a lot of domestic political and economic problems."

The actions of the Western colleagues react as the foreign Ministry and the defense Ministry, calling to reduce the degree of tension and withdraw troops away from the border, at least at the time of the celebration of the 75th anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany.

"No secret that the NATO exercises, such as "Defender of Europe" — the largest in recent years, was built on the blueprints of the cold war and designed in such a way that the peak of activity, that is, with the greatest involvement and equipment, and personnel, goes back to the period around May 9th. It is a fact", — said the Deputy foreign Minister of Russia Alexander Grushko.

The diplomat noted that NATO exercises are performed one after the other. Increasingly, reconnaissance planes fly almost on the very borders of Russia, especially the Baltic and the Black sea. He also recalled the recent invasion of the American fleet in the Barents sea, which has not happened since the mid-1980s.

Russian diplomats and military officials offering to give up major exercises near the border, agree on the minimum distance of convergence of aircraft and ships, as well as to use transponders when flying combat aircraft in the Baltic. However, they do not hear.

Moreover, the Russian foreign Ministry believe that the military activity of NATO, as the pandemic will only increase. According to Kureyeva, a major role in supporting ground troops of the Alliance will play and Navy.

However Baltops 2020 and Defender of Europe 2020 on the scale disparate with the teachings of the cold war, when the Warsaw Pact and the North Atlantic Alliance were taken in the field the military forces numbering more than a hundred thousand people. In the exercise "Dnepr" in 1967, for example, involved more than half a million military maneuvers "West-1981" — more than 100 thousand. And in 1982, he held the Soviet exercise "Shield-82", according to the legend, which the Soviet Union dealt a preemptive nuclear strike on NATO.

"Then it was necessary to demonstrate to the enemy's military capabilities and ability to effectively to repel the attack — like Kuraev. American response — exercises "Experienced Archer 1983", command-staff game for testing new codes, communication systems, and evacuation of the first persons in the event of a nuclear conflict — and did put the Warsaw Pact countries and NATO to the brink of war. Moscow perceived the preparation to the exercises and intensive negotiations between London, Bonn and Washington as the discussion of the attack on the Soviet Union."

Planning exercises in NATO are often in violation of international agreements. In particular, article 8 of the Vienna document "On confidence-building measures and security", signed in 2011, provides a set of restrictions on large-scale maneuvers associated with the notification. However NATO likes to apply his teachings as a series of independent in different countries.

The West simply ignores the agreement, while Russia or notify of exercises or holds them away from the border. So, this year's projected maneuvers "Caucasus-2020" will be held in the Volga region and on North Caucasus.