Serbia sent 75 guard in the Victory parade in Moscow

The guard unit of the army of Serbia, composed of 75 persons, was solemnly sent for participation in the Victory parade in Moscow June 24, reported the Ministry of defense.

In the solemn ceremony at the military airport in Batajnica near Belgrade was attended by the Minister of defense Alexander Wulin and the Ambassador of the Russian Federation Alexander Botan-Kharchenko.

"The Serbs in 1941 raised the first anti-fascist uprising in Europe in 1944, Yugoslav partisans with the red army, liberated Belgrade and permanently expelled the Nazi occupiers, and 75 years later, Serbia is free and decides its fate and chooses its friends" - quoted by the defense Ministry Volina.

"We are at the celebration of the 75th anniversary of the great Victory will be together in red square. Supreme commander of the army of Serbia Alexander Vucic and Supreme commander of the armed forces of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin will watch the parade, but more importantly to confirm that for us freedom means everything, and we were never on different sides of the story, no wrong side," - said the Serbian Minister.

Wulin said that the guard of the army of Serbia is an elite unit with combat experience and the number of guardsmen sent - 75 - symbolic.