Spring commented on the accusation of Russia of sponsoring terrorists

The United States has always ignored the proposals of the Russian Federation on the establishment of a broad anti-terrorist coalition and acted in violation of international norms, said the Vice-speaker of the state Duma Irina Spring, commenting on the report, Republicans in the House of representatives of the U.S. Congress, which called Russia a sponsor of terrorist groups.

A working group of Republicans in the house of representatives was published by the report, which recommends tougher sanctions against Russia. Among other things, the authors propose to make in the list of "state sponsors of terrorism", which is the administration for allegedly supporting the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps in Iran, and movements of Hezbollah, the Taliban and the "Russian Imperial movement", which is made in the United States list of terrorist groups. In the past, Russia has repeatedly denied the charges, expressed in the report, including support for terrorist organizations.

"In the fight against terrorism, Russia has been and will be uncompromising, acting in defense of peace and security... Offer of our country on the establishment of a broad antiterrorist coalition of the USA not only ignored, but also acted in violation of international norms. And now you're trying to carry outright sabotage, making false statements against Russia", - quotes the words of Spring the message of the press service.

She also called the behavior of the congressmen who made such suggestions, aggressive and unreasonable by comparing it with the "criminal behavior" of police Derek Shovina, a suspect in the murder of African American George Floyd.

"If the congressmen had decided to compete with him in the manifestation of inadequacy, they need to more carefully assess the consequences of such madness," said Spring.