The Alliance in question. USA do not want to keep bases in Germany

If the Germans will not increase spending on NATO, the American military to leave Germany. New dislocation place can become Poland. Neither in Berlin or in Washington, these initiatives Donald trump did not meet with understanding. "The American-German contradictions at hand the Russians," sounded the alarm in Congress and the Bundestag. Why the White house is dissatisfied with the allies and what does Russia, understood to RIA Novosti.

"Trump ordered 9.5 thousand us military from Germany. Bases in Germany will be about 25 thousand of our soldiers. The decision was made after consultations of the President with the Chairman of the joint chiefs of staff of the armed forces, General mark Milly," said a senior official of the White house.

On a question of journalists why trump personally has not informed the public about such an important step, the official said. But he added that a partial withdrawal of troops from Germany will be discussed with a fall. "The refusal of Angela Merkel to participate in the summit "the Big seven" in the United States is not associated with this", — he said.

The details never came. The tramp remains silent. Details of the relocation disclosed close to the presidential administration source.

"The cost of US defense of NATO allies increased. Contain a large contingent in Germany unprofitable. The national security adviser, Robert O'brien prepared a reduction plan. In September of the military will transfer to Poland, some will return home," he explained.

On trump's barrage of criticism. Not only Democrats, but also Republicans in Congress stated that it "harms national security".

The Committee on armed services of the house of representatives sent the President a letter with an appeal not to aggravate relations with Germany. The senior Republican of the Committee, Mac Thornberry indicated that the situation could benefit Russia and to strengthen its position in Germany.

In Germany, too, was worried. Acknowledging that relations between Berlin and Washington are not simple, foreign Minister Heiko Maas pointed to the relevance of a military Alliance to both countries.

The head of the Bundeswehr Annegret Kramp-of Karrenbauer noted that he had not received any official notification. The American military presence in Germany, she considers the basis for NATO's security.

After the resignation in early June, the controversial American Ambassador Richard Grenell the Germans hoped for an understanding with Washington. The reasons for this were. German authorities, for example, has promised to increase defense spending. If the economy quickly recovers after a pandemic coronavirus, by 2024, the contributions of Berlin on the needs of the Alliance will increase from the current 43 billion euros to 60 billion.

But Washington is not enough. Trump reminds us that all NATO members are required to contribute to the General budget at least two percent of GDP. As promised by Berlin is only a half percent. The Germans appeal to the fact that they have the largest economy in Europe. Accordingly, the payments more than others.

Despite the strife, in the United States never questioned the necessity of its military presence in Germany. Rather, the Germans resented the fact that the contents of a foreign army is too expensive. The deputies of the "Left" calculated on the American bases in seven years, Germany has spent 243 million euros. This too, is believed by many.

Dissatisfaction is nuclear weapons. Members of the Bundestag from the Social democratic party demanded to take out the atomic bomb from Germany to Poland. But the ruling Christian democratic Union led by Angela Merkel has opposed. The subject was hushed up.

At the beginning of may in Poland have held joint military exercises. The Americans arrived at Poligon Drawsko Pomorskie from Germany. Practiced the movement of troops across the border, learned to overcome water obstacles.

After the exercise, the American senior military officers stressed the importance for a hypothetical military conflict contingent in Germany — the largest in Europe.

"U.S. military base in Germany — a transit point for the transfer of manpower and equipment to the middle East. In Germany, the us stored nuclear weapons. To relocate these military units in neighboring Poland unprofitable, expensive and risky. Washington is aware of this report, therefore, the American-German contradictions will remain at the level of rhetoric", — believes the expert of the European center for security studies George Marshall PAL Dunay.

In an interview with RIA Novosti, the expert acknowledged that the relationship of the leaders of the United States and Germany are not bright. But the political institutions of the two countries continue to cooperate.

"Friction between trump and Merkel leave their imprint on the nature of the discussions. The strategic debate marred by mutual misunderstanding. Besides, in the USA, and in Germany there is an election coming, and it brings an element of populism in the statements of politicians. But the parties understand that the American bases in Germany — an important Outpost of Euro-Atlantic security", — stressed the Danube.

Research fellow, Centre for European studies of MGIMO Artem Sokolov said that the Americans planned to reduce troops in Germany since the early nineties and the Germans always calmly react to it. However, the intention of the tramp in Berlin have apprehended as an unfriendly step, the expert adds.

"For Germany, the U.S. military presence is the guarantee obligations of Washington. The military infrastructure of NATO employ more than 12 thousand local residents. For many Germans it is the most attractive employer in the County," explains Sokolov.

However, the expert doubts that Berlin will increase the cost of NATO.

German voters generally configured pacifist and disapprove of inflating the military budget. "Russian threat there is no argument. Against and are included in the ruling coalition, the social Democrats, which controls the Finance Ministry," — says Sokolov.

In any case, Germany is unable to abandon the American security guarantees. In Berlin realize that there is a substantive dialogue on the parameters of the military presence in the country, just as long as this one is not ready.