In the Federation Council commented on the incident with Russian patrol in Syria

The first Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on defense Franz Klintsevich commented on an unsuccessful attempt by the American military to block the path of Russian patrol in Syria.

According to him, the Americans used to consider themselves "supermen" in any country where they are, and to ignore local laws. Klintsevich noted that in this case they are faced with people who to this behavior "not being", and are now forced to come up with excuses for his behavior.

"But really it's all connected only one — to show who's boss. But to do it with the Russians is impossible," the Senator said in comments to radio station "Moscow speaking".

He pointed out that in such situations all have an obligation to focus on international law, determined by the leadership of the conduct of the patrol in which everyone should behave in accordance with the rules of the road and the resulting agreements.

"So this is an ordinary provocation on some primitive level, boyish domination", - said Klintsevich.

Earlier it was reported that the us military tried to block the path of the Russian patrol in the village of Abra in Syria, but their armored vehicle stalled, and the patrol continued to follow the route.