The government Goncharuk has carried out reforms for the sake of likes, said Zelensky

The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky believes that members of the government Alexey Goncharuk was passionate about social networks and carried out reforms for the sake of likes.

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine in March has sent in the resignation of the Prime Minister Goncharuk was appointed in his place Denis Smagala. The Parliament also approved the new composition of the government.

"At first they (members of the previous Cabinet of Ministers – ed.) began to hide from the media. Because they're all young and everyone was afraid. Second, they immediately began to flirt in front of an audience in Facebook. This is wrong. Because in the country you live different people, and not only the users of Facebook. They flirted with these people: Oh, how they looked, how many likes, started this whole story. I met Alex and said, "Look, we need to work. We prohibit Ministers during the working day to use Facebook and other social networks. Have work to do. What kind of game? What's going on, what is this summer camp?" - Zelensky said in an interview with "Ukrainian truth" published on Thursday.

According to the President, several Ministers did not understand what he wanted, and reforms were carried out so that Facebook told them: "Class".

Zelensky said that the resignation was not related to "audios Goncharuk". "The public trust has been undermined to the Prime Minister, and the deputies had a million questions for him. So I told him frankly said: "Alex, I don't think you can be Prime Minister. And not because of recording, but because of what was happening. I believe that you do not become a team with people with the deputies, all the Ministers," added the head of state.

Before retirement Goncharuk on the YouTube channel "How to deceive the President" was published the video with the audio recording of the meeting at the exchange rate of the hryvnia, which the former Prime Minister speaks ambiguously about Zelensky, in particular, declares that the President "primitive understanding of economic processes". Goncharuk also called himself "a layman" in the economy. He Goncharuk has explained the publication of audio recordings of the machinations of detractors.