The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Estonia, handed the Russian Ambassador a note on the alleged violation of the air border

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Estonia, handed to the Russian Ambassador Alexander Petrov note in connection with the alleged violation by the Russian plane of air borders of the country, reported Thursday the Russian Embassy in Tallinn.

According to the report on the website of the Estonian defence forces, the Russian aircraft TU204-300 on Wednesday had entered the country's airspace near the island of Vaindloo without permission, and stayed in Estonian airspace for less than a minute. In the armed forces of Estonia reported that the plane had no flight plan and the aircraft not been in contact with Estonian air traffic control.

According to media reports, it could be a military plane.

The Russian side has repeatedly stated that all flights by Russian aircraft are performed in strict accordance with international rules of using airspace over neutral waters without violating the borders of other States.