The Palace of the Ryukyu Kingdom on Okinawa in Japan will open to the public

The former Palace of the Ryukyu Kingdom on the island of Okinawa in Japan opens to the public after a fire in October last year, in which the main wooden building was completely burned, according to the website of the Museum object.

On Thursday, the restored Shuri castle was opened to journalists, and from June 12 tickets at the entrance there will be sold already for all comers. They will be able to see under the glass floor to the ruins of the old Palace, which was as an object of cultural heritage of UNESCO. At the same time to see how goes the recovery of the affected object.

Wooden Palace of Shuri, whose name the locals in everyday life is used to denote the capital in the Prefecture of Okinawa, Naha, was burned on the night of October 31.

As previously reported, the fire destroyed up to 400 pieces of art. Just the time of the incident in the castle kept about 1.5 thousand artifacts.

The historic building was destroyed for the first time after it was destroyed by U.S. aircraft in 1945. Then Shuri surrounded by stone fortress walls were restored and reopened only in 1992.

After the beginning of the restoration, Shuri was scheduled to open by early may, but because of measures against the spread of coronavirus COVID-19, open to the public were postponed.

On the territory of the archipelago of Okinawa in 1429, that is, before Christopher Columbus discovered America, formed the independent Kingdom of Ryukyu (the then name - the Key or "Lacascia island"), which lasted 450 years, maintaining close ties with China. In 1609, Ryukyu was subordinated to Japan, and in 1879 became a Japanese Prefecture of Okinawa.