In Argentina have developed new rules for hotels

The Argentine government has developed new rules for hotels, hostels and other tourist accommodation in a pandemic coronavirus, it follows from the published document.

"The Ministry of tourism in collaboration with the Institute of tourism, Association of hotels, restaurants and cafes have developed a Protocol COVID-19 to accommodate tourists. His goal is to apply measures that guarantee the health of citizens and to avoid the spread of the virus and to facilitate the continuation of the work of the tourism industry", — the document says.

Now in Buenos Aires most of the hotels closed, some of them running for the Argentines returning from abroad, they projdet there is a mandatory quarantine.

The authorities plans to allow citizens to travel between provinces where no cases of the coronavirus, or the number of infections was minimal, so some hotels will begin to open.

People over 60 years of age, pregnant women, people with chronic diseases, heart problems, diabetes, HIV will not be able to work directly at the hotel.

In hotels all public space should be organized so that one person had of 2.25 square meters. At the entrance to the hotel will measure the temperature of both the staff and the clients. "Don't allow entrance to the premises or establishments. People with a temperature equal to or greater than 37.5 or exhibiting symptoms characteristic of a COVID-19", — stated in the Protocol.

During check in and check out will need to keep your distance. Future hotel needs in advance in an electronic form to complete and return a questionnaire about health status. Reception is to isolate plastic or glass partitions, if they cannot, then they need to be regularly disinfected.

You should try to avoid handing over documents from hand to hand, all payments electronically. Cards, keys, remotes for the TV must be treated with disinfectant.

"The first phase is to avoid the use of services of delivery of Luggage in the rooms and of the services for the Parking of cars", — stated in the Protocol. An exception will be made for those who have trouble with lifting suitcases. Also in the first time will be denied access to to swimming pools, gyms and salons and Spa.

A lift is to use one or take it for not more than one third of the allowed number of passengers. The Protocol does not specify how to be large families, for example, with two or three children.

Guests will be asked to book a table for Breakfast, dinner or use the services of food delivery to the room. Menu transferred to electronic form or to submit printed on plastic cards – they are easier to disinfect.

Buffet will be banned to order food to be menu only.

Drinks will bring in closed jars or bottles, and fruits and vegetables in the kitchen before serving it needs to soak for 20 minutes in a special chemical solution similar to the liquid for washing dishes and surfaces.

"It is proposed to remove the products from the minibars in the rooms, they will be available at the front Desk, in the restaurant or in the Breakfast room", — stated in the Protocol.

Every hotel needs to be created a crisis Committee, whose staff will monitor compliance with the Protocol.