Reset by vandals in Bristol statue of the slave trader pulled out of the water

Reset by vandals monument to the merchant, philanthropist and MP Edward Colston, who in the seventeenth century, engaged in the slave trade, on Thursday morning, lifted from the bottom of Bristol Bay in the UK, according to the city Council.

The mayor of Bristol, Marvin Reese was ordered to raise a monument and install it in one of the city's museums.

"Early this morning we got the statue of Colston of Bristol Bay. Will they take her to a safe place before it will become part of the Museum's collection," reports the Bristol Board. The operation to lift the statue was carried out by the employees of the city Council.

As the newspaper writes Telegraph, the city Council of Bristol has announced that it will allow local residents to decide what will be replaced with the statue of Colston.

In major British cities on 6 and 7 June were held actions in memory of the deceased in the United States African American George Floyd. Sami marches and rallies were peaceful, but protesters joined the radicals and the members of "antifa" were trying to provoke riots and attacked the police. Bullies inflicted racist inscriptions on a monument to Winston Churchill in London.

Meanwhile, the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, announced recently the creation of special Commission which will examine the capital's monuments, street names, images, plaques and other memorials erected in honor of those or other historical and cultural figures. If we glorify the persons were connected with the slave trade, monuments can be demolished.