The CPS told us how to test the freshness of products

The CPS gave recommendations on how to test the freshness of products - frozen meat or fish need to pierce the heated knife to the bone and smell - if there is a bad smell, the product is deteriorated, reported the press service of the Ministry.

"We chefs have a "test knife", when the frozen product, meat or fish is pierced with a hot knife to the bone. And smell the product from the resulting incision. If the product is damaged, there will be a sharp odor, while frozen food does not smell and the freshness of the smell can not be determined", - stated in the message.

Another way to test the freshness of unfrozen fish is to put it on your palm, if the head and tail hang down, then the muscle tissue became loose, the product was subjected to spoilage and to use it is not recommended even if no bad smell, said the press service.

The CPS recommends that you always smell the product, but it should be remembered that absence of odor does not always guarantee freshness, noted in a press-service.

"Sausage, which was long preserved in the refrigerator and has become slippery or, as they say, "choked", can not be washed and used for food in any case", - stressed in the Department.

In the choice of products should carefully examine the expiration date and not consumed after its expiration, explained in a press-service.