Finland from June 14 open borders for tourists from certain countries

The government of Finland will update on Thursday guidelines for foreign travel of citizens, allowing tourism with the Baltic States, Iceland, Denmark and Norway from June 14, according to the state broadcasting company YLE, citing a government source.

At the moment you can travel within the country.

Sweden is not recommended to drive, but they will allow the property owners and loving couples.

Opening date external border with Russia is not defined.

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Finland has repeatedly stressed that these decisions are Advisory in nature and no one denies the citizens of Finland to leave the country or to arrive in it. So, from July 1, the national carrier, Finnair, will expand the geography of flights from the current approximately 10 EU cities to 40. Opens including resort destinations in Spain, will take place on flights to Beijing, Hong Kong and Shanghai, to Japan (in Nagoya, Osaka and Tokyo), Singapore, Seoul and Bangkok.