Colombia announced the arrest of a supposedly Venezuelan spy

The ground forces of Colombia reported that on Wednesday in the country were arrested, allegedly Venezuelan military penetrated into Colombia with the aim of spying.

It is noted that a suspect detained at a checkpoint in the North-East of the country.

"(Person - ed.) entered the territory of the country under the guise of refugees with the aim of spying is for military units on the national territory, primarily in the departments of Guajira and Cesar," - said in a statement published on the website of the land forces of Colombia.

It is noted that if the detainee had documents which indicate his service in the armed forces of Venezuela as a staff Sergeant. Was also found on his person, added to the armed forces of Colombia.

"The person has been placed at the disposal of the competent persons responsible for the implementation of the necessary migration and administrative measures in accordance with its actions that have endangered national security", - said in a statement.