In Kyiv told about the plans on the participation of immigrants in the contact group

Kiev at the meeting of the contact group on Wednesday informed the participants that the advisers of the Ukrainian delegation - immigrants - will participate in meetings on an ongoing basis, reported the press service of the President's office.

Previously, the office of the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky included in the composition of the Ukrainian delegation in the contact group on settlement in the Donbass journalists migrants, as well as public man and a physician.

"The Ukrainian side informed the participants that the advisers of the Ukrainian delegation - representatives of individual regions of Donetsk and Lugansk regions (ORDO) of Ukraine will take part in working groups of the TAG (the trilateral contact group - ed.) and in the format TAG on a permanent basis", - is spoken in the message.

According to the press service, for the first time in the Ukrainian delegation in the work of the political groups and directly participated TKG immigrants Denis Kazan, Sergey Garmash, Vadim Goran and Konstantin Libster. "Representatives ORDO of Ukraine, invited the Ukrainian side noted the need to harmonize the parameters of a political settlement with the spokesmen for the interests of over 1.5 million people who were forced to leave their homes by the conflict", - said the press service.

The Ukrainian authorities in April 2014 began a military operation against the breakaway LC and the DNI, which declared independence after a coup in Ukraine in February 2014. According to the latest UN victims of the conflict were about 13 thousand people.

The settlement of the situation in the Donbass is discussed, in particular, during meetings in Minsk the contact group, which from September 2014 adopted three documents regulating the steps to de-escalate the conflict. However, after the armistice agreements between the parties to the conflict continue shooting.