India chooses Russian equipment for your spaceship

Russia and India will soon be defined, what Russian hardware can be used in the Indian manned space ship "Gahagan," he said in an interview with RIA Novosti General Director of "Glavkosmos" Dmitry Loskutov.

"25 Oct 2019 "glavkosmos" and the Center for manned space flights, Indian space research organization signed a contract to assess the possibility of using Russian flight equipment life support systems and for ensuring the thermal regime for manned space ship "Gahagan" ("celestial ship"). The implementation of this contract is coming to an end," he said.

Earlier in an interview with RIA Novosti General Director - chief designer of scientific and production enterprise "Star" Sergei Pozdnyakov told that India is in preparation to be sent into orbit its national mission has asked the Russian space equipment. What are the means in question, he did not elaborate. "Star" is developing spacesuits, tools, life support of astronauts, the wearable emergency reserve, depreciation funds and lodgements for the astronauts.

In a speech on the occasion of independence Day 15 August 2018, Prime Minister Narendra modi announced that the country will be sent into space, the national crew by 2022, when India will celebrate 75th year of independence. The flight is planned for December 2021. It was reported that the space will go two men and a woman.

Currently, a group of Indian candidates undergoing training in the Russian cosmonaut corps.