In the Novosibirsk region has identified 102 new cases of infection with coronavirus

One hundred two new cases of coronavirus revealed for the last days in the Novosibirsk region, while just 167 people were discharged from hospital, two patients died, said on Thursday the regional operational headquarters for counter-COVID-19.

"According to the operational headquarters on the morning of June 11, in the Novosibirsk region for days identified 102 new cases COVID-19. 167 patients were discharged with recovery. Died two patients, men aged 30 years and 49 years", - stated in the message.

The authorities state that total in the region was 3960 cases of coronavirus infection, of which 265 children. 1719 patients recovered, 48 patients died.

"In intensive care units are 46 people. Ventilation – 14 patients," - said the headquarters.

In children's hospital No. 3 admitted 71 children with suspected coronavirus. Adult patients with an established diagnosis COVID-19 and with the suspicion on him in the infectious disease hospitals of Novosibirsk – 1647. Still a total of 231 patients with suspected coronavirus and confirmed diagnosis were hospitalized at the district hospital of the region.

Only in the Novosibirsk region held a 145 699 tests for coronavirus. Under medical supervision there are 1058 people in the region, 21 273 removed from the observation.

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