In a field hospital in the Krasnoyarsk region have treated 536 patients with COVID-19

Over 500 patients cured by the specialists of the medical service of the Central military district and the Federal medical-biological Agency in a military field hospital in the village of Yeruda in Krasnoyarsk region, reports the defense Ministry.

It is noted that the soldiers assist in the fight against COVID-19 on one of the gold-mining enterprises in the Severo-Yenisei district of the Krasnoyarsk territory on behalf of the Supreme commander of the armed forces of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.

"Care in a military hospital and an observational camp on may 18 there was 1 231 employee of the company. As you recover from the hospital the patients are transferred to the camp, where under the supervision of professionals undergoing rehabilitation. For the entire period of more than 536 people discharged from the medical institution", - is spoken in the message.

It added that currently, 89 patients are on treatment and continue to receive all necessary medical care in the infectious ward of a field hospital, more than 600 - on observation.

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