The doctor advised a way of dealing with gray hair

To deal with gray hair, pulling out white hairs, it is meaningless. Instead, you should try a more scientific method, said in an interview with radio Sputnik, the doctor-triholog Olga Kohas.

Early gray today hardly anyone was surprised. Modern life is full of stress, because of which the people began early to turn gray, says Olga Kohas. Many are trying this process to deal. The most simple but inefficient method is physical removal of hair that changed color.

To get rid of gray hair by using hair dye, however, it gives only a visual effect.

But there are tools that allow the graying process to suspend or at least slow down. However, they are not universal and apply only in certain cases, the doctor says Olga Kohas.

"Against the backdrop of lack of iron reduces the amount of copper in the body. Copper helps the cells to develop pigment. You can prevent graying of hair, if you use lotions for hair growth with copper content. When people start to use them, that is a side effect of that is that the process of hair graying is reduced. To stop the process only if the reason for the lack of copper in the body," – said the doctor in an interview with radio Sputnik.