Ukrainian Deputy called to set a nuclear bomb in Moscow and Budapest

A Deputy of the Ternopil city Council from the party of Petro Poroshenko Taras Bilan has published in his Facebook appeal to Vladimir Zelensky, in which he called to create the country's "nuclear weapons and dirty bombs," for "confrontation" of Russia and Hungary.

The reason for the call was spread in the Ukrainian media reports on the establishment in Transcarpathia ", Hungarian" district. According to the Bilan, this will lead to armed conflict and the loss of Ukraine's territories.

MP urged to entrust the Ukrainian state enterprise "Energoatom" urgently to create "100-150 nuclear warheads and so-called dirty bombs" to deter "external aggressor". Such charges it is suggested to install anti-ship missiles "Neptune" and focus on Hungary and Russia. In addition, Bilan called for a "50-100 sabotage-reconnaissance groups" from the number "of volunteers" and give them created a dirty bomb with orders to set up near military facilities in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Budapest.

First Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Vladimir dzhabarov, commenting on RT call Bilan, said that after the collapse of the USSR, Russia and the United States did the right thing by insisting on the export from Ukraine of nuclear weapons. "Because we now see what the politicians come to power there," — said dzhabarov.

According to the Senator, through this proposal Bilan just wanted to draw attention to himself. "But in such a stupid way to consider this policy seriously, it seems to me, is not even worth it", — concluded the MP.

This is not the first case when the Ukrainian experts, politicians and the military make such statements. So, the military expert Valentin Badrak told that Ukraine could develop a missile capable of "get to Moscow," and the Deputy Director of the Center for army, conversion and disarmament Michael Samus called to work on creating weapons that can "beat into the territory of Russia".

After the collapse of the USSR, Kyiv inherited a substantial nuclear Arsenal. In 1994, Ukraine, Russia, USA and Britain signed the Budapest Memorandum, which served as an international agreement on security assurances in connection with Ukraine's accession to the Treaty on the nonproliferation of nuclear weapons. In accordance with the Treaty, the nuclear Arsenal on the territory of Ukraine has been eliminated, and the nuclear powers undertook to guarantee the safety of Kiev.