Clients of Sberbank complained about the cancellation of child benefit for debt

Sberbank examines the complaint for the cancellation of the lump-sum payment for children to repay debts. About told RIA Novosti in the press service of the financial institution.

Informed clients of the savings Bank complained in social networks that the Bank account debt write off child allowances, which are paid because of the pandemic coronavirus.

The financial institution explained that such cases are not systemic.

"Each of them being tested, and clients are given the answer," said the Bank.

A representative of Sberbank said that there is a system of identification of social benefits aimed at support of the population in a pandemic. It ensures the correct execution of penalties at trial.

Russian family from June 1 to receive payments for children aged three to seven years and a lump-sum payment in the amount of ten thousand rubles for children from three to sixteen years. Thus, according to the law, a lump sum of ten thousand rubles for each child can be charged for debt.