The Belgian Prince faces a fine for violation of quarantine in Spain

Spanish authorities want to fine the Belgian Prince Joachim for the fact that, upon arriving in Spain, he broke the quarantine.

The nephew of the Belgian king Philip and son of Princess Astrid Prince Joachim on may 24, arrived in Madrid and the same day went by train to Cordoba (Andalusia), where he visited two parties. The next day Joachim felt the symptoms of the coronavirus on may 28 and got a positive test COVID-19.

The Prince has violated the prescribed for all those travelling from abroad, a two week quarantine. In addition, according to the preliminary version, at the party, which was attended by Prince, was 27 people, but in Cordoba at the time the law could get no more than 15. However, as a result of investigation it was established that there were two parties with the participation of 12 and 15. The investigation is ongoing. Coronavirus was detected in one man, who had been contacted by Prince.

Representation of the government of Spain in Cordoba ordered the Prince to pay a fine of 10 400 Euro, reports news Agency Efe. He has two weeks to pay the fine (if he'll agree to do it voluntarily, then 50%) or to appeal it. Otherwise, if the fault of the Prince will be proved, will be applied to the further procedure of prosecution and the penalty will have to pay in full. Currently, Joachim is quarantined in Spain as the other members of the party.

In a statement earlier through his lawyer the statement of Joachim "apologized for the failure to comply with isolation measures in Spain, expressed his sincere regret and willingness to accept all the consequences".

Spain is one of the most affected countries by the pandemic, the victims were more than 27 thousand people, with the help of PCR testing were identified more than 240 thousand cases of infection. But the Ministry of health, the study found that the disease suffered is 5.2% of the population or 2.4 million people. During the peak of the epidemic in the country were introduced strict quarantine measures in Europe. High alert imposed on March 14, was extended until 21 June. Currently, the country is gradually lifts the quarantine measures, however, the movement between provinces is limited.

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