Republicans have proposed to tighten sanctions against Russia

The working group of the largest enterprises within the Republican faction in the house of representatives was published by the report, which recommends tougher sanctions against Russia.

The report prepared by the working group of the Republican study Committee — the Association consisting of about 150 members of the house of representatives.

"Russia, especially in the last decade, aggressively asserts its role as a global power with its own clearly expressed intention of undermining the world order under US leadership", - the report says.

The authors of the report propose to make in the list of "state sponsors of terrorism", which is the administration for allegedly supporting the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps in Iran, and movements of Hezbollah, the Taliban and the "Russian Imperial movement", which is made in the United States list of terrorist groups.

Congress also proposed Tuesday to impose penalties on companies that support the Russian oil and gas projects, to impose sanctions on buying new Russian sovereign debt and to adopt proposed by Senator Lindsey Graham, a bill "to protect American security from the Kremlin" (DASKAA). This bill proposes sanctions against those involved with corruption, in which Graham accuses the Russian leadership. Graham also proposes to introduce sanctions on "Russian interference" in the electoral processes.

The working group also proposes to make the Bank's list of sanctions of the US Treasury.

Another proposal is to impose sanctions against those whom the United States suspected of "leadership of the Russian propaganda" and "Kremlin-connected oligarchs." To illustrate, the Russian businessman Vladimir Yevtushenkov, the Georgian businessman Bidzina Ivanishvili and "Pro-Russian oligarch" Viktor Medvedchuk.

The Republicans also propose to request the state Department report on "the oligarchs, who help to Finance the Russian military aggression through henchmen and an army of mercenaries."

In addition, it is proposed to take measures to exclude Russia from the interbank system SWIFT.

Also, the working group proposes to make "opposition to Russian aggression" issue on the agenda number one for all NATO summits. Also proposed to continue and expand a program of containment of Russia in Europe and the program of military assistance to Ukraine, including Kiev anti-ship missiles.

In the past, Russia has repeatedly denied the charges, expressed in the report, including support for terrorist organizations, accusations of meddling in elections and in the Affairs of neighboring States.