Discovered nosoroga dragons, which has seen more than a hundred years

Scientists discovered on the island of Sumatra nosoroga a lizard of a species which biologists have not met for almost 130 years. It is reported ScienceNews.

At the end of the XVIII century Italian Explorer Elio Modigliani was brought to the natural history Museum of Genoa unusual reptile with a horn on the tip of the nose. Subsequently, the reptile was named in honor of the scientist lizard Modigliani (Harpesaurus modiglianii), or nosorogi dragon.

In 2018 biologist Chironis Adha Putra found in a mountainous area of Sumatra dead reptile with a characteristic appendage on the muzzle. Prior to this, some scientists thought that the species is already extinct.

After that, the Putra once again went to the island to find the living representatives Harpesaurus modiglianii. The biologist is lucky, and on one of the trees he found the bright green reptile. A scientist measured the animal, took a picture and watched his behavior before release into the wild.

Compared to presented in the Museum of Genoa Scarecrow live nosorogi dragon had bright colouring, which varies depending on the surrounding vegetation.