Slutsky responded to charges of disinformation against Russia

The Chairman of the Duma Committee on international Affairs Leonid Slutsky called the accusations of the European Commission in participation of Russia and China in disinformation campaigns coronavirus trying again to find an external enemy to "restore scrapie in the European house".

Earlier Wednesday, the European Commission published the statement that the European Union reported about strengthening of struggle against disinformation, primarily related to pandemic coronavirus, and again accused Russia and China of involvement in the intentional spread of false information.

Slutsky stressed that on the background of the fight against coronavirus found that "there is no European unity" and "every man for himself". Italy, which has become the epicenter distribution COVID-19 received help from Russia, China, Cuba, but not from its allies in NATO and the EU, and what is the cause of all such statements.

"To restore ties in the European house, again trying to by finding external enemies. Probably based on the fact that their own cowardice and national self-interest should automatically be written off or deducted on the mythical campaign of disinformation", - said Slutsky.

"The European Commission is shines with reflected light from the Washington regional Committee. Allegations that Russia or China waged a disinformation campaign in the midst of a pandemic – complete nonsense. This is an attempt to shift responsibility for the fact that the institutions of the European Union in fact has not sustained check on durability in the face of unprecedented global challenges," - said Slutsky.

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