OP approved a new method of testing drivers for alcohol

The public chamber of the Russian Federation approved the project on the introduction of pre-testing of drivers for alcohol intoxication, proposing to fix the test on camera, told RIA Novosti Deputy Chairman of the Commission on security and cooperation with the PMC Vladimir Vinnitsky.

"In General, the proposed new procedure for inspection, but rather a preliminary verification, found appropriate support, but with certain observations, which, in our opinion, would be useful," - said the Bank of Russia, noting that when discussing the initiatives of the Main Department of ensuring road traffic safety (GUOBDD) of the MIA of Russia was attended by representatives of the leading public associations in protecting the interests of motorists, as well as interior Ministry and other government agencies.

As follows from current regulations of the government, reminded Vinnitsa, examination was to identify the main signs of intoxication that were identified visually and by smell. The procedure was necessary to record and issue the appropriate documents in the presence of witnesses.

"Now all these procedures (according to the project - approx. ed.) are reduced to the pre-testing that does not entail any legal consequences, because it is only a test. And, if the verification gives a positive result, a medical examination," explained the member of the OP of the Russian Federation, noting that in fact the audit will be to detect the presence of ethanol vapor.

The procedure, as noted Vinnitsa, is reduced to just a few minutes and does not require stopping of traffic as well as search witnesses.

"With regard to the comments received during the discussion, some experts believe that the lack of any documents and grounds that would set the direction for medical examination, is questionable and requires regulation. But, and most importantly, there is a proposal to confirm the verification data, video," - said the member of the public chamber.