The Merriam-Webster dictionary complement the definition of the word "racism"

. The compilers of the Merriam-Webster agreed to the proposal of a graduate of the University of Missouri to amend the definition of "racism", reports the Independent.

Kennedy Mitchum, recently graduated from Drake University, explained to the editors why said the current dictionary entry is incomplete and suggested adding the idea of oppression.

In the current version of Merriam-Webster's first meaning of racism — "a belief that race is the deciding factor in the assessment of human qualities and capacities and that racial differences make it possible to speak of an innate superiority of members of a particular race".

"I emphasized that the definition does not reflect what is happening in the modern world. How it manifests in life is not superstition, this is a systematic phenomenon," she said.

She also explained that many people don't think their racist against blacks, because in the dictionary it is not reflected. So she came up with the idea to expand the definition.

The compilers of the Merriam-Webster responded to an email of a girl and promised to make changes.

"Defining racism in the dictionary is not true, because it focuses on the passive concept, but in fact this phenomenon leads to terrible actions against the people who don't like you," — commented on the proposal of Professor Mitchum Charlene Jones from the University Harris-Stowe in Missouri.

A discussion on the dictionary meaning of "racism" emerged on the background of mass protests after the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis.