The defense contested the third examination of the case Serebrennikov

Protection continues to challenge held in the case of Director Kirill Serebrennikov examination, which found the stolen 128 million rubles allocated for the implementation of the project "Platform", the correspondent of RIA of news from a hall of petty-bourgeois court of Moscow.

"Experts made some critical errors ... does not include the number of activities, please exclude examination as inadmissible evidence," said the defendant Sophia Apfelbaum.

Criticizing the examination was made by several lawyers and defendants. In their opinion, the experts were not enough educated to evaluate multi-genre project, based their conclusions on the normative acts as invalid, deliberately underestimated the cost of the project. According to Apfelbaum, the expert went beyond the competence - assessed conversation with Serebrennikov who was then President Dmitry Medvedev, the results of which he instructed to allocate the money. As noted by the defendant, she stated that the project "was funded by a very generous", and theatres with traditional repertoire do not receive such support.

According to her, the expert uses the phrase "stray birds", basing conclusions on modest costumes, assesses how weak the performance, received the "Golden mask", compare the costs long operating theatres and created from scratch project does not take into account the number of screenings, lectures, exhibitions and other events.

Instead, the defense suggested that the conclusion of the five renowned experts. The court has attached them to the case, but will assess at a later date.

On the project "Platform" implemented "the Seventh Studio", were allocated 216 million rubles. When it took over the UK, the first examination has estimated the damage at 133 million rubles, the second found that the defendants, on the contrary, had saved the money of the Ministry of culture. A third thought has calculated the damages of 128 million rubles.

According to investigators, Serebrennikov, producers Alex Malopolski and Yuri Itin, as well as a former employee of the Ministry of culture Sofia Apfelbaum kidnapped 133 of 214 million rubles allocated in 2011-2014, "the Seventh Studio" for the development and promotion of contemporary art in Russia in the framework of the project "Platform". According to the investigation, former producer of "the Seventh Studio" Ekaterina Voronova destroyed part of the accounting documents.