The American way of brewing tea recognized disgusting

. American blogers took video of your method of brewing tea became an object of ridicule and criticism from the users of the Network. Clip published in TikTok.

Girl wanted to make tea with milk, as in Britain. To do this, they put a Cup of tap water in microwave, then added the milk and only then put the tea bag. At the end of the video the authors pour into drink large amounts of sugar.

Commentators in the social network were outraged by the proposed method and called it disgusting and advised blogersha start using the kettle instead of the microwave. Some users told about "proper" British tea preparation — first you need to make a bag, then add milk and sugar.

The video also responded to the British journalist Owen Jones. He posted on his Twitter a video and jokingly called immediately to cancel the Declaration of independence. In comments to the tweet users also condemned women.

"These people need help" wrote Qikzsd.

“You just ruined my day. I hope you're happy" — asked the journalist OutcastMunkee.

"I can't believe it's serious. Jokes on us American tea criminal" — syroniziroval LoganWestbrook.

However, there were those who supported the authors of the movie.

"Okay, I'm American and would like to understand what's wrong with that," said Fitzy205.