The expert assessed the plans of Romania to recognize Russia as a hostile country

Romania, declaring the "threat" from Russia, wants to create itself in the face of our country of the enemy in favor of the senior partners in NATO, told RIA Novosti expert club "Valdai" Artem Kuraev.

Earlier, the Supreme defence Council of Romania, headed by the President Klaus Iohannis approved a draft national defense strategy of the country in 2020-2024 years, where in the section "Threats" in this document was mentioned and Russia. In the same project that was already approved by the Supreme defence Council and submitted for approval to the Parliament, says that this situation could have a negative impact on Romania's security.

"Like many European countries, Romania wants to create an image of the enemy. The only major contradictions in the Russian Federation with Romania on the status of Transnistria, we have no common border and no serious economic contradictions. A lot more claims to Bucharest from its neighbours – Hungary and Bulgaria after the accession to the European Union all disputes between its new members was finally settled, but in Sofia I remember well about the North Dobrogea, and Hungary